Monday, September 29, 2008

Thank You, America

Finally, the day we've been waiting for.

Capitalism lives to see another day.

The Bailout Bill failed, the country has spoken.

Kill Socialism before it becomes our reality.

Why aren't the people calling for Nanci Pelosi's resignation?


carriegel said...

the more i have thought about it the more i am against this bailout.

rewarding incompetance and greed is wrong.

given time the stock market and economy will recover.

and why are we in such a rush? the last thing we need is to make another mistake.

Jock said...

Pelosi is the one to thank for the bailout failing. It was her ridiculous comments about Bush earlier in the day why a lot of conservatives voted against it. I think the people may have had a say too.

The construction industry will suffer big time with this announcement. Money is going to get real tight for loans not only for housing but for commercial construction as well. I will be lucky to have a job in 6-9 months. The auto industry will struggle as well. These are the two industry that will be hit the hardest.

That doesn't mean I am for the bailout though. When all is said and done the country will be better off. This will bring housing prices down in the long run so more people can afford homes on the salary they make without help from the government. People won't have to worry about buying houses at over inflated prices anymore. Two years from now will be the time to buy a house, banks will be selling them cheap.

carriegel said...

i'm glad we are here for a few more years. should be time for the market to recover.

i know steel is going to take a hit too. nucor has lost half its value in the last few weeks. i think we are buying some more. i know production in the mills is slowing which is going to affect us too.

but i would rather take the hit now than saddle the next generations with our (well, not mine) stupidity.

i just hope the politicians do what is right and not what is easy. i don't hold out a lot of hope though.

Jock said...

The republicans have the right plan they just need to push it harder than they have been. They want Wall Street to provide the money to bail out the banks and the government will set up an insurance policy similar to the FDIC to back the money. This is the right way to do this bailout.

What's funny is the dems back in 2004 said there was nothing wrong with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac and why fix something that's not broke.

McCain is losing the presidency because he is not exploiting some of these facts.

If you watched Hannity and Combs last night I think you would agree that Hucklebee should have been the next president. He has the same common sense approach as Newt Gingrich.

Oh did I mention that Pelosi is and idiot and the California people are stupid for electing her.

Peej said...

I don't think you did, but I mentioned it.

I also said the same thing about Freddie and Fannie a week or so back.

I also voted for Mike Huckabee.

Jock said...

Why is my google reader showing some post from you to vote socialist? Here are the first few lines:

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Results 1 - 10 of about 2,160,000 for vote socialism 08. (0.24 seconds)
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Vote Socialist in 2008, how you can help. |

This post doesn't show up on your blog anywhere.

Peej said...

i deleted it.

earlier in the day, you could type in "Vote Socialism 08" in google, and the first link was a link for Barack Obama's voter registration. it was hilarious. you could also do it with "Vote fascism 08". they must have found out though, because they have since changed it.

Jock said...

But why does it still show up in my reader?

Peej said...

i don't was only posted for about 60 seconds