Monday, September 8, 2008

A Dream Come True

Did anybody notice how close I was on my first game prediction for CMU!?
Real Score - Georgia 54, CMU 17
John's Predic. - Georgia 44, CMU 20

So after about two weeks of anticipation, I finally got an answer from the interview I had a couple weeks ago.

You are all reading the blog of the new Volunteer Coordinator for the Isabella County GOP Office! I'm so excited for this internship. The best part - the money isn't my main excitement! This is basically a dream job for me. It's in the field that my major is in, and I'm still in college! It's not career material, but it is a perfect college job. Basically, I'm in charge of getting people to volunteer for various Republican campaigns. Some to note are Bill Caul, Dave Camp, John McCain, and all of the local Drain Commissioner, and other electable officials.

I think you can see why I'm so excited to start tomorrow!


megawatt miler said...

congratulations-that is so exciting, what a great opportunity!

Jock said...

Sounds like you are really getting ready for politics.

curlz said...


JP said...

I'm proud.

carriegel said...

it sounds like you are on your way. congratulations!

i want to see a blog post explaining why you are a republican and not a democrat.