Monday, June 1, 2009

What to do with homemade red sauce?

I was out to fill a craving for some sort of pasta dish today. Armed with some homemade red sauce from the Father, I decided to go with something easy and always tasty. Baked pasta with italian sausage meatballs.

The basic ingredients:

We'll start by browning the italian sausage:

Then add onions and green peppers:

Then, of course, the red sauce:

Finally, add the noodles. I used Pene Rigate noodles, but pretty much any noodle your little heard desires would suffice:

Then put it all in an oven-safe dish, and cover with cheese. I used mozzarella:


All in all, a very good dish. I would have to give it 5 forks out of 5! The red sauce was very good indeed.