Monday, June 1, 2009

What to do with homemade red sauce?

I was out to fill a craving for some sort of pasta dish today. Armed with some homemade red sauce from the Father, I decided to go with something easy and always tasty. Baked pasta with italian sausage meatballs.

The basic ingredients:

We'll start by browning the italian sausage:

Then add onions and green peppers:

Then, of course, the red sauce:

Finally, add the noodles. I used Pene Rigate noodles, but pretty much any noodle your little heard desires would suffice:

Then put it all in an oven-safe dish, and cover with cheese. I used mozzarella:


All in all, a very good dish. I would have to give it 5 forks out of 5! The red sauce was very good indeed.


Jock said...

I like those little burnt pieces of goodies on top like that.

curlz said...


megawatt miler said...

hey that is almost exactly what i made last night! the sauce was very good, i liked the sweetness.

carriegel said...

oh, that does look good. we are having some of that when we get back from our midwest tour.

JP said...

You can send it my way... I'll make as many dishes as I can with as much meat as I can...