Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gone, but Not Lost...

The Chippewas couldn't muster up the 4th quarter heroics they needed to send the Chippewa fan faithful into a frenzy on a frigid evening. With the overturn of the interception, and LeFevour driving the ball down the field, it felt as though things were all adding up for overtime. However, with one lame duck pass over the middle, that all changed.

The keys to the game:

CMU Defense

The defense showed signs of improvement, coming up in big situations. However, laced throughout the games were instances where they seemed too lax - Ball State took advantage. Gashes in the running game, big pass plays, it all took a toll. By the fourth quarter, the defense was sucking air, and just sucking. Why can't the defense seem to stop anyone? They look like they have all the tools to do it, but just can't quite execute. The secondary is always a step behind the opposition's receivers, and the linebackers are always a half second late to the play.

Ball State Running Game

I don't know his name, and I don't feel like looking it up. But whoever that midget carrying the ball for Ball State is, might just be the real deal. His ability to stay low to the ground and find a hole or cutback lane was surely impressive. 177 yards by himself was enough to tell the story.

Dan LeFevour

This guy was magnificent. Every time we needed a big play, Dan came through, either with his arm or his legs- he just got it done. He shredded the defense for over 300 yards in the air, and ran for over 80. This guy single handedly kept CMU in the game. He will sure be a force in his senior season that's a year away. Watch for this guy, folks.

That's about all I feel like saying right now. It was a gutsy performance by Dan LeFevour, and the rest of the CMU offense. The defense gets no respect tonight.

Attention Everyone!

Make sure you watch the CMU/Ball St. game on ESPN tonight. I will be close to up front I'm guessing, because I'm getting there 2 hours early. So make sure you look for me!

This game is huge, with Ball St. ranked in the top 15, and CMU knocking on the top 25's door. This would be the first time CMU has ever been ranked!

Needless to say, it's arguably the biggest game in CMU history, and certainly the biggest regular season game in their history. The winner will go to the MAC Championship.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ron Gettelfinger...

is an idiot.

Google him.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, so maybe it wasn't a great performance, not great enough to get a shrine at least. However, I was impressed with Quinn's poise toward the end of the game. Plus, I need to be able to not hate Notre Dame players for this week at least - due to the fact I will be in South Bend Saturday with the Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin (I shouldn't need to name which ones).

This MNF game was extremely entertaining. Marshawn Lynch ran the ball like a mad man, and both young QBs played very well when it counted, the 4th quarter. That's about all I've got, other than Braylon Edwards need to start catching the football.

Enjoy the win, Sarah, it might not be so great on Saturday :D

All is Not Lost in the GOP

Found this today, pretty much sums up how I feel about the GOP

By Christopher Coffey
Republican Political Consultant

We Republicans lost fair and square in 2008, even though some in the party were boasting a few years ago of a “durable” Republican majority in Washington.

All is not lost. While this election at first glance, looked like a Democratic realignment, it was not. According to an American University study, voter turnout in 2008 was the same as in 2004. The big difference was lower Republican and increased Democratic turnout.

If the GOP makes some quick changes, it can revitalize the base and remain competitive. Here are a few suggestions:

Return to Basic Principles. Democrats might be the party of tax and spend liberals, but Republicans have become a party of spend and borrow conservatives. Gone is any philosophical foundation from which voters can distinguish the GOP from the Democrats. Republicans can remedy this by swearing off its present addiction to big government.
A growing, assertive government is a root cause of many of our nation’s ills. Look at the recent financial panic: the federal government fueled irresponsible lending through lax oversight of Fannie Mae. The government does few things better than the private sector and Republicans must never forget this.

Unplug the Robots. Not only did Bush-era Republicans lack a philosophical base, Bush communicators delivered a humorless, robotic message. The Republican message lacks any persuasive power whatsoever. If it were a food, it would taste like old wheat cereal served cold in foam cup. Time to recruit new communicators.
Write off bad assets. There are some bad eggs in the party, as evidenced by the recent attempts by anonymous Republicans to destroy Sarah Palin. For too long the party provided lucrative careers to dispassionate, if not pitiless, martinets. We need to send them packing.
Change the Playbook. Voters are not machines that can be activated by Excel spreadsheets and “robo-calls.” The GOP relies too much on technology such as “micro-targeting,” which appears to be a fancy name for phone calls and voter identification. While this can be an effective marketing tool, the party still needs a winning product to market and has to develop a big message before it can deliver small messages by phone.
Address the Tough Issues. The greatest tragedy of this cycle was the unwillingness of candidates to engage in meaningful debate on entitlement spending. Obama made a few vague proposals but Republicans were reluctant to join issue. Time to engage on the tough issues facing our nation.
These of course are initial suggestions. The Republicans must also focus on nurturing the next generation of leaders and party officials; leaders who will lack the churlish demeanor of the present beltway crowd. That might be the toughest challenge of all.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mr. Speaker

So now that the election is over, Newt Ginrich has made a few appearances again. Most notably, he did not rule out running for president in 2012 on Hannity and Colmes. This is what I was hoping for!

A couple reasons were laid out tonight on the O'Reilly Factor as to why Gingrich knows how to get this economy moving again.

Newt said a couple things I LOVED.


He called for the elimination of the capital gains tax for the next two years. China and Hong Kong have both done this. It results in huge amounts of money being pumped into the market in order to make a profit. This stabilizes the market. Also, it encourages buying and selling of homes, due to lower losses if you look to make a profit on real estate.

Next, he called to cut the corporate tax rate to 12%. I like McCain's idea of cutting it from 35 to 25%, but 12% is even better. Ireland currently has expanded the most in the business world in the past twenty years, and their corporate tax rate is 12%. Huge amounts of corporate growth result in huge amounts of job creation. The benefits are astronomical. This will create a larger tax base to help cover the costs of government programs.

O'Reilly also asked Gingrich how he intended to finance everything will all of these tax cuts. He said exactly what I think! He was talking about being fiscally responsible. Cutting huge amounts of useless government programs. Cutting useless management. He also called for the elimination of the treasury spending. This would save us hundreds of billions a year. (800 billion and counting just from the bailouts, which he is completely against.)

I'd also like to talk a little about the auto industry 25 billion dollar bailout.

I think this entire bailout plan is ridiculous. Paulson and the other Bush cronies need to stop this before it gets any worse. Everyone has their hand out looking for this government handout. AIG received enough to buy their entire company 10 times over. You could buy GM, Ford, and Chrysler for 1/5 of their bailout package. Why should we be paying for 30+ years of mismanagement in these corporations? I say let them go bankrupt, and our county's bankruptcy laws will force them to restructure their management. If I plan poorly, I don't see the government running in to take stake in my assets!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Thoughts

So I've given a lot of though already to who could run for the Republican party in 2012. Although Sarah Palin may end up running, she wouldn't be my first choice. I decided I'd throw my dream ticket out there. I've been talking to my roomate, Scott, about this for a while. I think this is the Republican Party's best combo when it comes to a small government, welfare reform, and conservative social issues.

The top of the ticket:

Mike Huckabee

The VP:

Newt Gingrich

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Long lived individual liberty and free market America.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I come to you all today to ask you to stand up for American beliefs. Dating back to the Revolution we fought against a tyrant, and vowed to never fall back into a situation we were in in England. Under the King, we had outstanding taxes, with no representation coining the famous phrase 'taxation without representation'. This finally sparked a revolt, sending the Colonists into a frenzy of insurmountable displacement with the King. When the British offered a large gift of tea in order to settle the Colonists, we did what was right. We threw that damn tea in the harbor where it belonged. We stood up to a tyrant and said "This is America, this stops now."

We built our country on free principles for free people.

We built our country on the idea that anyone can achieve anything.

We built our country to reflect the ideals and opinions of all Americans.

We built our country to protect those who wished to live the dream, The American Dream.

Now, more than ever, we need to protect these ideals, these philosophies that the Framers of the Constitution held so near to their hearts. We need to protect these things that people died for in mass amounts to protect.

Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on small businesses strips us of our right to own a business. High taxes in the private sector will set off a shock-wave of repercussions, closing the door on people living the American Dream. Now, Obama wants to implement unionized labor groups in small businesses. The small business owners cannot handle these burdens. For too long, Obama has had a free pass from the media. For too long, we've had to hear his socialist ideas, but nobody presses him on them.

I'm asking you to visit this site, and watch the videos. There are many unanswered questions about Barack Obama.

Please watch those videos.

Please vote for John McCain.

Stand up for the principles of our forefathers.

Stand up to proctect our students from hypocritical public school systems.

Stand up to protect our small business people.

Fight for a brighter tomorrow.

Fight for a chance to live the American Dream.

Fight to uphold the Constiution

Fight for a candidate that fought for you.

Fight to kill socialism.

Fight against national healthcare, for fair wages for doctors.

Fight for competition in the public school system.

Fight for a man who fought for us since he was 17 years old, and has the scars to prove it.

Fight for a man who's not afraid of the fight, but ready for it.

Stand up and fight for equality for all.

Stand up and fight for John McCain!

Vote for John McCain tomorrow!