Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gone, but Not Lost...

The Chippewas couldn't muster up the 4th quarter heroics they needed to send the Chippewa fan faithful into a frenzy on a frigid evening. With the overturn of the interception, and LeFevour driving the ball down the field, it felt as though things were all adding up for overtime. However, with one lame duck pass over the middle, that all changed.

The keys to the game:

CMU Defense

The defense showed signs of improvement, coming up in big situations. However, laced throughout the games were instances where they seemed too lax - Ball State took advantage. Gashes in the running game, big pass plays, it all took a toll. By the fourth quarter, the defense was sucking air, and just sucking. Why can't the defense seem to stop anyone? They look like they have all the tools to do it, but just can't quite execute. The secondary is always a step behind the opposition's receivers, and the linebackers are always a half second late to the play.

Ball State Running Game

I don't know his name, and I don't feel like looking it up. But whoever that midget carrying the ball for Ball State is, might just be the real deal. His ability to stay low to the ground and find a hole or cutback lane was surely impressive. 177 yards by himself was enough to tell the story.

Dan LeFevour

This guy was magnificent. Every time we needed a big play, Dan came through, either with his arm or his legs- he just got it done. He shredded the defense for over 300 yards in the air, and ran for over 80. This guy single handedly kept CMU in the game. He will sure be a force in his senior season that's a year away. Watch for this guy, folks.

That's about all I feel like saying right now. It was a gutsy performance by Dan LeFevour, and the rest of the CMU offense. The defense gets no respect tonight.


carriegel said...

let's hope for a better result for nd this weekend.

Jock said...

If ND loses this weekend and again next weekend Notre Dame will be looking for a new coach.

I looks as though my choice for the next ND head coach may be going to Tennessee, Brian Kelly. After what I saw him do a week ago, refusing to shake the hand of the opponents head coach after he had just beat them, I'm not to sure I would want him anymore. He waved his hand in disgust and walked away from him. As far as I am concerned he doesn't deserve a chance to coach at one the the prestiges football schools.