Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ron Gettelfinger...

is an idiot.

Google him.


carriegel said...

i don't even have to google him to know that.

Jock said...

Screw this guy.

Here's my guideline for the auto industry.

1. No bailout for auto companies.
2. File Chapter 11 bankruptcy and reorganize under the requirements of the law.
3. Decertify the union.
4. Get rid of duplicating brands of automobiles (I.E. Chevy, Buick, and Pontiac pick one and get rid of the rest.)
5. Trim white collar jobs back to necessary levels.
6. Suspend all bonuses and stock options for all employees until "real" profits are realized.
7. Be proactive not reactive in the wants and needs of the auto industry.
8. Get back to paying suppliers in 30 days instead of 90-120 days. Your suppliers aren't a bank stop treating them as such.
9. Learn from the past 50 years of mistakes and don't ever forget them.

If the auto industry will follow these steps they will come back much stronger than before and be set to compete without assistance in the future.

carriegel said...

amen, brother, on number eight. pay on time and pay what was contracted not what you now want to pay. guess who doesn't do business with them anymore?

carriegel said...

oh, and when that is done move on to the MEA.

Peej said...

I say we dissolve the MEA first and foremost.

carol said...

Every time he starts talking, you see his lips moving but absolutely no point out of his mouth. What a way to get his fat salary and bonus all these years.