Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, so maybe it wasn't a great performance, not great enough to get a shrine at least. However, I was impressed with Quinn's poise toward the end of the game. Plus, I need to be able to not hate Notre Dame players for this week at least - due to the fact I will be in South Bend Saturday with the Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin (I shouldn't need to name which ones).

This MNF game was extremely entertaining. Marshawn Lynch ran the ball like a mad man, and both young QBs played very well when it counted, the 4th quarter. That's about all I've got, other than Braylon Edwards need to start catching the football.

Enjoy the win, Sarah, it might not be so great on Saturday :D


carriegel said...

i thought he did a nice job considering the pressure he was under. of course, nothing like the pressure of the kicker. 56 yards, that was incredible.

Jock said...

Notre Dame won't have any trouble this week they play Syracuse. They might be the worse team in Div I football this year and they just fired their coach.

Peej said...

Right, however, it's a no win situation for ND. If they beat the crap out of them, I can say "Well, they should have, given how bad SYR is." If they barely squeak by, you can say that they should have romped them. And, if they were to lose, well...the story would tell itself.

megawatt miler said...

i was up in fantasy this week and the only player left to go was lynch (my opponent had him). needless to say he scored enough points to overtake me for the win! i actually went to bed in the 3rd quarter and cory called to tell me there was 2 minutes left and cleveland was down. i had to get back up to watch-its been awhile since ive seen a brady-drive.