Monday, November 3, 2008


I come to you all today to ask you to stand up for American beliefs. Dating back to the Revolution we fought against a tyrant, and vowed to never fall back into a situation we were in in England. Under the King, we had outstanding taxes, with no representation coining the famous phrase 'taxation without representation'. This finally sparked a revolt, sending the Colonists into a frenzy of insurmountable displacement with the King. When the British offered a large gift of tea in order to settle the Colonists, we did what was right. We threw that damn tea in the harbor where it belonged. We stood up to a tyrant and said "This is America, this stops now."

We built our country on free principles for free people.

We built our country on the idea that anyone can achieve anything.

We built our country to reflect the ideals and opinions of all Americans.

We built our country to protect those who wished to live the dream, The American Dream.

Now, more than ever, we need to protect these ideals, these philosophies that the Framers of the Constitution held so near to their hearts. We need to protect these things that people died for in mass amounts to protect.

Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on small businesses strips us of our right to own a business. High taxes in the private sector will set off a shock-wave of repercussions, closing the door on people living the American Dream. Now, Obama wants to implement unionized labor groups in small businesses. The small business owners cannot handle these burdens. For too long, Obama has had a free pass from the media. For too long, we've had to hear his socialist ideas, but nobody presses him on them.

I'm asking you to visit this site, and watch the videos. There are many unanswered questions about Barack Obama.

Please watch those videos.

Please vote for John McCain.

Stand up for the principles of our forefathers.

Stand up to proctect our students from hypocritical public school systems.

Stand up to protect our small business people.

Fight for a brighter tomorrow.

Fight for a chance to live the American Dream.

Fight to uphold the Constiution

Fight for a candidate that fought for you.

Fight to kill socialism.

Fight against national healthcare, for fair wages for doctors.

Fight for competition in the public school system.

Fight for a man who fought for us since he was 17 years old, and has the scars to prove it.

Fight for a man who's not afraid of the fight, but ready for it.

Stand up and fight for equality for all.

Stand up and fight for John McCain!

Vote for John McCain tomorrow!


Jock said...

President Hoover (a republican) raised taxes in a bad economic time and propelled us into the worse depression this country has seen. If Obama is elected he will do the same thing. You can not raise taxes during a recession it has been proved over and over. If Obama is elected take any money you have left and bury it in your backyard, you will be better off.

If Obama is elected he will pull us out of Iraq within the year. Within a year or two after that expect a civil war or some other type of war in that region. We will end up back in Iraq before it is over and it will be worse and harder to win the second time around. I don't like being in that region of the world any more than the next person but until we get our dependence off foreign oil we need to maintain our presence there. We are a minimum of 10 years and probably closer to 15-20 years before we are off our dependence of foreign oil. Nuclear is the answer but it will take at least 10 years to get the first one new plant online.

Now it comes out that Obama wants to put the coal plants out of business. Unbelievable.

If Obama gets elected I hope the democrats don't end up with majority overrides in all three branches of the government. This country will have massive changes it it won't be good. One good thing will come out of this is the republicans will take over everything 4 years from now after the democrats screw everything up. The bad news is it will take 8-10 years to undo everything they screw up.

carriegel said...

i fear the democrats having the majority vote more than i fear obama. i may have to vote a straight ticket for the first time in my life.