Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kill It

What we are seeing in American politics is a power struggle between two fundamental beliefs. The financial crisis has surmounted huge amounts of uncertainty. With global panic, it invites a power source. When Hitler rose to power he did it by burning the parliament building, setting off a nation wide crisis that left Germans vulnerable, so he then claimed executive power. The people didn't say much because they needed someone to save them. Few people bite the hand that feeds. In September of 2001, the world trade center in New York City was blasted by two planes. This blood being shed right on American soil left the door open for George W. Bush to claim an enormous amount of power through global panic. The establishment of the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Global War on Terror were made possible by this attack. Now, with this global financial crisis, we have seen enormous seizures of banks and other big companies. This is where we come to today.

The two grassroots movement groups right now are as follows.

The Obama Supporters

The most liberal member of the Senate since the 1930s, Barack Obama has offered a promise of change to Washington, the United States, and the world. His message has been strong.

The Socialist Movement

"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
-Karl Marx

Through the past two weeks we have seen an enormous socialist movement across the nation. If you've ever read animal farm, most of these followers are like the sheep, sadly. The message sounds as promising as the mind could imagine. We'll have a Robbin Hood in the White House, someone looking out for the everyman. Someone who gives back to the less fortunate. This is the fundamental movement that scares me the most, and should scare you too.

What a Socialist movement could lead to...

First, we will continue to see government bail out big business. Like the fire department, the government heroes will burst in to put out the flames. But when the flames are put out, will the fire fighters move in and take control of the household? Will they impose their beliefs on how you live your life, tell you how you should take care of your kids, how you dress, and what you make for dinner? In a socialist society, these government authorities will stay in the banking system. They will run the banks, and most likely run them into the ground.

Second, health care will be socialized. When it comes to socialized healthcare, the government dictates what the doctors are paid. In order to save money, they will slash doctor wages just like the governments do in France, Spain, Germany, and the rest of western Europe. This leads to lack of incentive. Where will the motivation be for someone to stay in med school for 7-10 years to become a doctor if they don't make more than a plumber? We will have a massive overturn in the way our medical world works. We will have a shortage of doctors, just like in western Europe. You will have to drive further to clinics and maybe change doctors. Socialized health care sacrifices quality for 'affordability'.

Third, riots will break out. As if anarchists aren't anti-government already, imagine what it will be like with an all powerful democratic left wing House, Senate, White House, and Supreme Court. A left wing agenda will lead to massive growth in the Federal Government, along with more regulations on how you live your life, how you run your business, what cars you buy, and what you do with your body. An anti-socialist movement will be enormous from the far right, and even moderate right wingers, who comprise over half of American voters.

The Anti-Socialists

America won't peacefully fall into the likes of socialism. There will be a huge resistance on the front of freedom and individual liberty. Those who want a true free market will be out in full force, desecrating everything in their path. The uprise of this now-silent majority will not be pretty. An enormous wave will cry out to kill socialism before it kills our country, and it will be years before democrats are trusted again.

So, I ask you, before you vote for Barack Obama, look at what you're voting for. You're voting for a man who surrounds himself with terrible people (Rezko, Wright, Ayers, ACORN). You're voting for a man who wishes to redistribute huge amounts of wealth (the top 1% already pay 40% of the national tax burden). You're voting for a man who would rather sell out his beliefs than lose an election (nuclear power, off shore drilling). You're voting for a man who preaches tearing down the very foothold that established our country (taxation without representation). Most of all, you're voting for a man who would rather settle a score with the wealthy, then lead our country through tough economic times.

I hope you think hard about whom you're voting for.

Signing off.


carriegel said...

i hope you're wrong.

Jock said...

I don't have to think about who I am voting for anymore because I already voted.

Maybe I will vote the Acorn way on Tuesday, early and often.