Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A "Reliable" News Source

With all of the talk of reliable news sources, and complete idiots - let's see a real one.

Keith Olbermann.

It sickens me when he gets to the part about the President giving up golf. I think that President Bush had a good point about how he shouldn't be playing golf during a war, that people don't want to see him out playing a game while American lives are being lost.

Why should someone get a show every night to do this to your own President?

Nobody's keeping Keith Olbermann in this country.

He's truly shameless.

Now here is a sociopath.


Shae W said...

Why should someone get a show every night to do that to the President? Why shouldn't someone get a show to do that to the President? Shouldn't we be questioning the actions of our government? Isn't that why this is America?

At least he's making people think. I may not agree with him or his views, but at least he's making people stop and think before blindly following whoever's in control.

Peej said...

There's nothing wrong with questioning authority. I do it all the time. I don't agree with the President's Bail Out plan, I've spoken against it. I would have no problem if Keith Olbermann did that. But he doesn't approach it with any sort of civility or respect. He disembodies a simple sacrifice the president made to help people see him as a more caring individual. He turns hating the President into some sort of pop culture feeding frenzy.

I don't care who's in office, Obama, Bush, Clinton, McCain - ANYONE. That is the hardest job in the entire world and for a nobody of a news anchor to criticize him night after night is just flat out ignorance and blasphemy.

mickey said...

One thing to realize, though. No matter who the President is, it's going to feel as though the majority will hate them.

Also, the fine line between news and commentary is getting fuzzier these days.

I feel that's the problem with both Olbermann and O'Reilly. They're presented as news, and I really feel as though they're commentators.

Jock said...

The popular thing to do is to hate on the President, he is the easiest to blame regardless who is at fault.

I do agree with the comment about O'Reilly though, don't watch to get the news from him. His program is more about commentary and opinion. If you want the real news you have to watch earlier and that is true about any news station with prime time programming.

I do have to say, however, that I appreciate what O'Reilly does. He gives the people a voice and demands answers from his guest. When his guest doesn't answer the questions he asked he will stop them and tell them to answer the question. And yes I have heard him tell guest to shut up but only because they are "spinning" their way out of the question he asked and won't stop talking.

I don't agree with everything O'Reilly says (especially lately regarding the bailout)and there are times when I don't like it when he is shouting a guest down but just remember that's why they make remote controls. The power is in your hands to turn him on or turn him off. He is pretty even with conservatives and liberals on his show, just the other day he had John Kerry on and they got into it. I will admit as much as I don't like Kerry he held his own that night. My biggest problem with Kerry that night was he wouldn't answer the questions O'Reilly asked him. He is a true spinmaster.

carriegel said...

good points, mickey.

i don't know who will be elected this fall but i don't envy him. i just hope they put politics aside and do what is best for the country and i hope the media gives him a chance.

after all, we all want the same things, we just disagree sometimes on the best way to get there.