Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Push Comes to Shove

Finally, I'm back to the blogging world that we are all too familiar with. Yes, I've been reading others' posts and commenting, but I haven't posted anything with any sort of content in well over a week. Well, here it is.

What I've Been Up To

Well, a lot really. As Summer turned to fall and Autumn soon to ashes, the deep slumber that is ahead for the living world hasn't been evident in my life. Things have picked up dramatically for me in the past weeks leaving me to believe that the old saying "life ain't easy" will reign true throughout the rest of my being. Work weeks have consisted of more hours, class periods have been growing longer, exams more frequent, and sleep hours less prevalent. Some of the things I've been working on at work as of late have included:

Terri Land Event

Basically, I had to have people at the office to meet our Secretary of State. Mrs. Land came in to a crowd of around 25-30 people, including a few local Republican candidates, and Bill Caul - our 99th District State Rep. Mrs. Land then proceeded to meet the volunteers/candidates, and then found the farmer's market across the street where she brought back apple cider that ended up staying at the office for my enjoyment, thank you Mrs. Land! I must say it was about the most delicious apple cider I've had to date.
Earlier in the day, I rose bright and early (keep in mind this is a Saturday which is a precious sleeping day for us college students) to put together 1,000 literature packets for this event. We ran about 400-500 of them by the time we noticed a nice little typo in which said "Vote for Expereince". (If you can't find the typo, the word experience is spelled wrong). We killed the production and printed the new ones. This left us scrambling, but we didn't end up needing all 1,000 for that day anyhow.
Relieved? Yes.
The event went pretty well I thought. It wasn't phenomenal, but it was pretty decent. Whenever I look decent at my job it's a plus.

Mardi Gras Parade

This event was handed to me about 2 days ahead of time. We had to get volunteers around for a Friday parade through the city of Mt. Pleasant. We got plenty of support, and the event was a huge success. Quite a few of my friends came, and Bill Caul bought us pizza afterwards. It was nice to have dinner with a State Representative, it humbles you in a way.

CMU Homecoming Parade

This event went really well. We had to go through town again as a unified Republican Party. U.S. Congressman Dave Camp (Representing Michigan's 4th Congressional District) lead the way, along with local candidates, and again, Bill Caul. We had a large amount of candidates and volunteers, it was a lot of fun.

Now that we've caught up a little on what I've done, I want to share a little bit about how I feel about the Presidential Race.

First off, before you all exit out of my blog, it's worth noting that I will be taking part in a Presidential Debate Night! event on this Sunday the 26th at 7:30PM. It will either be located in Kulhavi Hall, or Anspach 161 or 162. I will be representing John McCain, and will be debating a representative of Barack Obama.

The Real Debate

Finally, John McCain came out swinging. This time he wasn't ranting and raving about terrorists and affiliations though. This time it was substance, socialism, and character. John McCain started off by taking a hard line that he is for the small businessman, the backbone of our economy.

Joe the Plumber

Why is a plumber relevant? Because Barack Obama finally made the mistake I've been waiting for. Obama is a socialist, there's no tip toeing around that. His plan is to tax the highest 5% of Americans and write a welfare check to those who are in the bottom 30%. This is a form of income redistribution. He said he wanted to "Spread the wealth around." As a direct beneficiary of this specific plan, I can see how wrong this is. I always use my very successful uncle in Pennsylvania as an example in arguments. I always say:
"Why should my uncle in Pennsylvania, who's worked his butt off his entire life, pulling 50 hours, 80 hours a week, traveling all over the world to get where he is today - why should he pay for my healthcare? Why should I get a piece of his success? If he wants to give me a gift, he gives me a gift. If he wants to donate to charity, he donates to charity. Where is it the government's responsibility or right to tell him that he's been too successful and they think it's more fit to spread his wealth elsewhere?"
This is my common accusation of Robbin Hood Economics, where you rob from the rich and give to the poor. Joe Biden would tell you that it's "Patriotic to pay more taxes." This is funny to me considering he didn't even pay for his own house, his campaign money did. How is that anything short of socialism, or even take it a step further, communism?


What has the government ever run that has been successful?

Social Security?

The Airlines?
Uhh, nope.

Fannie May and Freddie Mac
Wow, this is getting ugly.

Why would we want to trust our government to run a socialized, nationalized healthcare plan? Not only this, once again, where is it the government's responsibility to take the top 5% and say they're responsible for funding this? When you look at national health care plans, such as the one in Canada, there is a huge problem. Canadians can't get into hospitals for emergency situations. Everyone is in to the hospital for the common cold, so emergency treatment is usually done in the United States at full price. That should tell you something. If we implement this, it sacrifices our quality for expense. If Doctors don't make more than a plumber, why would they have any incentive to stay in Med School for 7-10 years? A lack of quality healthcare leaves us with a bigger problem than lack of insurance.

The War

I think that the greatest gauge we have about what's going on in Iraq is to ask the soldiers themselves, agreed? They're the ones putting their lives on the line, they probably know whether the battle is worth it or not. Can we all agree on that?
I hope you said yes.
The polling came back today from members of the United States Military. They overwhelmingly support John McCain, 63% to 32%. I think that this says where the mindset of our United States Armed Forces is at. They believe the surge has worked, and they think we should finish the job we started, regardless if we went in for the right reasons.

ACORN, William Ayers, Jerimiah Wright, etc.

Is this stuff relevant? Is the fact that Barack Obama worked with a domestic terrorist that bombed the US Capitol, along with the Pentagon and was totally unreluctant of doing so, is that a reason to question Obama? Why not? Sure, voter fraud, knowing a domestic terrorist, and associating with a nut job preacher might not make Barack Obama a national security threat, but it questions his judgement. Why is it that Obama didn't sever his ties with Wright until the media found out that he was a total nut? Why is it that Obama associated with, fundraised with, and served with a domestic terrorist - only to claim he didn't know about Ayers' past when caught?
Again, do I think Barack Obama is a dangerous person?
Absolutely not.
Do I think that who a person surrounds themself with can be a direct judgement of character, judgement, and reason?

A Much Needed Phrase

"Senator Obama, I am not George Bush. If you wanted to run against George Bush you should have ran 4 years ago."

Thank you!


Jock said...

Don't forget about the Post Office the government runs. They are the ones who said it was impossible to do overnight delivery and after not one but two companies figured it out the Post Office still can't. The Post Office contracts the privite sector to do their overnight deliveries now. Government ran business at it best.

carriegel said...

what really bothers me is we seem to moving toward socialism and nobody seems to care. i know obama is a very likeable person but wake up people. where is the incentive to get ahead if uncle sam is on the other side giving it away?

44 percent of the taxpayers in this country pay no taxes and yet he wants to give them a tax cut. how does that work? i pay 35 percent of my income in taxes now, plus social security, medicare, state, property and township (which is one percent of income - robbery). and he wants to raise my taxes to 39 percent to give tax relief to those who aren't paying income taxes now.

we have worked hard (and just so you know i know there are many who work even harder for much less). i can't tell you how many people have said to us they would have never sacrificed leaving family and friends to do what we have done. yet, i should spread the wealth to those who can't or won't make the sacrifices to be successful.

as far as health care. there is not one person in this country who doesn't have access to health care. they may not have insurance but they do have health care. the government can't run anything, how do you think they will do running the health care system?

all i know is we as a country are taking a dangerous step toward socialism. this country was built on the idea that we are free to make it or fail, the choice is ours.

the government never gives back what it has taken and i am afraid that in a few years we will look back and wonder what in the world we were thinking but by then it will be too late.

can you tell you've hit a nerve?!

Peej said...

Those are my frustrations to a tee. I've made people cry in the past two weeks because I'm so adamant about squashing Socialism.

carriegel said...

just so you know i am not against paying my fair share in taxes. i think the government does have some responsibilities that must be paid for. the arguement i guess is what is fair?

Jock said...

How about a flat tax where everybody pays the same percentage of tax above a certain income. You will get no deductions, no write offs, you will get no credit for children, foster kids, or crippled dogs, no way out you just pay a percentage of what you make.

This will reduce the IRS to a corner office in a building somewhere in Utah, another big plus.

One big problem though, to easy, limited government interference and makes to much sense for government especially one heading for socialism.

Peej said...

I don't like a percentage tax because, again, 30 percent of 2 million dollars is way more than 30 percent of $60,000.

I like the Fair Tax plan. It eliminates the income tax entirely and taxes you a flat percentage on everything you purchase. This means that if you buy more stuff, you're taxed more often, linking contribution to standards of living - not income success.

carriegel said...

i could live with either plan though i would do much better with the fair tax plan since we don't spend nearly what we could.