Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Thoughts

So I've given a lot of though already to who could run for the Republican party in 2012. Although Sarah Palin may end up running, she wouldn't be my first choice. I decided I'd throw my dream ticket out there. I've been talking to my roomate, Scott, about this for a while. I think this is the Republican Party's best combo when it comes to a small government, welfare reform, and conservative social issues.

The top of the ticket:

Mike Huckabee

The VP:

Newt Gingrich


Jock said...

Depending on how the country is doing will depend on who runs for the GOP 4 years from now. If the country is going good or even plugging along in mediocrity Obama will have no problem getting reelected. If this happens then all the republicans can do it throw out a sacrificial lamb, don't waste the best of the GOP in this case. It takes a pretty bad President to get voted out (Carter) or one that doesn't have the heart to be President again (see the first Pres. Bush).

I like your picks and either one will make a fine president. Both represent the beliefs and values of what the republican party should be.

I think Palin is the future of the party and we need to find more like her. There is a congressman here in Wisconsin I think might be a sleeper and said all the right things in an interview I watched the other day about the republican party. His name is Paul Ryan, watch for him, and he is young.

Peej said...

I heard about him on Beltway Boys yesterday, there's a lot of talk that he could step up and be a big-time leader in the GOP.

carriegel said...

i thought you might be running by then!

Peej said...

I have to wait until at least 2025! You have to be 35 years old to run.