Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rest in Pieces

To the catalyst that got me around Washington DC.

To the one thing that was always by my side while seeing things such as the Capitol Building, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and countless other places of interest.

To the item that became a canvas for my political propaganda.

You held my John McCain button, my Fred Thompson button, and my Proud to Be A Republican button.

You held the necklace given to me by a peace activist.

You held my camera for me.

You were mocked, ridiculed, and cast off as a "man purse".

You made the trip back to Michigan with me, holding all of my precious DC memorabilia.

You carried my books and my computer for my first month of school.

...And for all that, I thank you.

Your strap may be broken, but your courage, spirit, and memories shall forever live on.

Here you are in your glory days, back in good old Arlington, Virginia.

Here you are in shambles.

Rest in pieces, good friend.


Jock said...

Do you know how to use a needle and thread? Or do like any other college kid would do and find a safety pin.

Jock said...

Oh I should add did any girls ever think you were cute like the peace activist guaranteed?

Peej said...

i forgot about that, i should start wearing that necklace and see. and yes, i've used safety pins but they can't hold the weight of the books and/or computer. so for now i'm carrying the bag. it gets pretty tiring when you walk 4 miles to work and back. but it's better than nothing.

i think you might know what i want for my birthday though.

Jock said...

Next months tuition payment?

Peej said...

if that means i can use part of my work payment for a new bag, sure.

carriegel said...

get a polka dot bag. your and i love polka dots!

Peej said...

I don't know about the whole polka dot thing.