Thursday, September 4, 2008

What the Heck!?

So I was looking over, and something caught my attention. The rookie of the month voting. I look at the faces and the names and saw something that caught my eye.
"The AL nominees are Minnesota starter Glen Perkins, White Sox second baseman Alexei Ramirez and Minnesota outfielder Denard Span The NL nominees are St. Louis reliever Chris Perez, Cubs' reliever Jeff Samardzija"


Jeff Samardzija?

Is this the same Jeff Samardzija that played wide receiver for Notre Dame?

So I Wikipedia-ed it.

It sure is.

I knew that Jeff was going to play baseball instead of football, but I had no idea he'd be nominated for Rookie of the Month as a reliever for the MLB Cubs this soon.

I hope you're happy, Sarah...


carriegel said...

i loved watching him play football. go nd.

Jock said...

I have watched him pitch for the Cubbies and he is pretty darn good. The Tigers could have used him in their bullpen this summer.

JP said...

Joni says (anyone that isn't out of Michigan state isn't worth anything) (Sport-wise)

... Jordan got to my computer.

megawatt miler said...

i coulda told you that!!!