Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I was requested to blog about why I'm a republican and not a democrat. That seems like a fair request to me. There are many reasons that I am a republican and I will try to hit on as many as I can.

The Economy

Ask any economist and he or she will tell you that a free enterprise system, such as America's, expands when people spend money. This means that the cash flow from consumers to businesses is a huge way to jump start the economy. This is why everyone received a "stimulus" check. The government was hoping that people would get this money and go out and spend it. The reason that the stimulus package didn't work as well as hoped was because so many Americans are behind on their bills right now, so they used it for that - resulting in little to no economic gains. However, as I was saying - money in consumers' pockets is a good thing for the economy. This is why every single tax cut, break, and refund directly affects the economy. All of these cuts trickle down to businesses. If a person is taking in more money, they tend to buy more groceries, more gasoline, and/or more leisure activities. For example, take a middle class family that is doing just fine right now. They receive a $1200 check for an economic stimulus package. Since they're caught up on their bills, have a head start on retirement, and have everything they need to get by - they might invest this money. That's good for the economy too! Putting money in the stock market makes the market stronger.
You might be asking, well what does this have to do with you being a republican? Well, historically republicans have slashed taxes on EVERYONE. This myth stating that they only cut taxes for the rich is bologna. They cut taxes evenly (by percentage) across the board. The democratic style of "Robin Hood Economics" as I like to say, isn't fair. Why should the wealthy be forced to hand over a much higher percent of their money? The wealthy aren't responsible to finance the country. They worked hard for that money in most cases, and/or took huge risks to get to where they're at. Secondly, you need these guys to stick around. Many people involved with business are looking to make big profits, it's a fact. Wouldn't you be trying to make big profits too? So, if we raise corporate taxes (like the democrats like to), they're just going to ship jobs overseas at an even faster rather than they do right now!


The republican party is infamous for their strong morals. While the democrats are out pandering for votes by telling women that they're pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage, and on board to legalize marijuana - republicans tell it how it is. Most are against same sex marriage, most are in belief that life begins at conception, and most think that harmful drugs are best left out of the hands of the citizens. Now, yes, there are often very strong religious reasons behind these - but is that so bad? I have a great perspective on this, because I'm not religious in the least. However, religion has such a great values system that I couldn't care less if "under God" is in the Pledge of Allegiance. The fact is, religion instills such a great group of core fundamentals and values in a person's life.

Foreign Policy

To me, democrats don't get it when it comes to foreign policy. Congress overwhelmingly approved the war when it started. However, as soon as Americans lost a shred of hope, the democrats in Congress saw it as an opening to make George W. the scapegoat. They harassed him, said he committed "war crimes". If they're so sure he committed war crimes, why isn't there a testimony against him? Because they know that he hasn't! We're in a war, ladies and gentlemen. The President has the authority during war times to claim Executive Power - and that's what he's done. Democrats hounded the administration when Bush introduced his surge strategy. Barack Obama said it was a terrible idea. He pushed to cut off funds to the troops, he said it would never work. He said we had lost. However, John McCain and George W. Bush had faith in our troops. Grandpa told me that "...we can't whip those people...", I said "Watch us". Now who's right? We were. The republicans were. Obama said it himself this week, he said that the surge far exceeded his expectations.

Limited Government

This is where I do not follow George W. Bush. Many people hate the president and it drives me nuts. Why, you ask? Because they can't tell you why! They usually tell me, "It's because he started a War." Sorry, hunny, you're wrong. Article II Section II of the US Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare War, not the President. Congress did declare the war.
However, I'm getting off track.
George W. Bush has done way too much expansion in his time as President. Organizations, private courts, new cabinet members, all of this has racked up a huge deficit. Granted, most of the deficit is from the War (don't forget that!), but he hasn't helped with his expansion of government. I heard a quote a couple years ago that I've grown to love. It said "Government should be small enough to where, if needed, we could drown it in a bathtub." Democrats seem to believe that the government has some sort of responsibility to take care of you from birth to death. Why would we want to slumber our way through life while the government takes care of us? Being free means independence. Our own Gerald Ford had a quote during the 1996 Republican National Convention that basically sums up my views on big government.
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."
The republicans have always been for a small national government. Democrats have always been about expanding government. Special programs, special interests, and the like have always been at the top of their lists.

I realize that I rambled quite a bit, but those are just a couple of things that really make me a republican. I support John McCain 100%. I did not vote for him in the primary because I just wasn't sure about him yet. However, if the primary was today, I can't think of anyone else I'd vote for.


Jock said...

Reaganomics, trickledown, whatever you want to call it it works. When will the democrats realize that? If Obama gets elected this country will go into a deeper recession or worse yet depression. If you tax capital gains more or redistribute income, and let's get it right what Obama wants to do is income redistribution, people won't or won't have the money to invest anymore. The stock market will crash.

There is nothing wrong with people owning companies getting rich after all they took the risk and they should be rewarded.

As far as morals I'm not sure about republicans having anymore than the democrats after some of these congressman and senators in the last couple of years. Some of the republicans need to practice what they preach.

Peej said...

i wasn't saying that they all have great values. i was saying that as a whole, the party represents those values.

carriegel said...

1. i hate robin hood economics. in our township we are taxed one percent of our income. guess who is paying many, many, many times more than most of the people in this township? and i receive the same services of everyone else. i would mind paying somewhat more but not the percentage i am paying more. someone who is living in a much larger home than me with a smaller income pays less than i do. fair? i think not. and i still have to pay property and school taxes on top of that.

i agree we shouldn't be penallized for having a large income. we have taken the risks and the sacrifice to be where we are.

i don't believe in windfall taxes either. when companies lose money, such as ours, no one is there saying let us make that up to you. the idea if running a business is to make money, so you can expand, so you can hire more people and make more money. everyone profits.

2. can't argue with that. all religions adhere to the same basic principles. and those principles or morals make the world a nicer place to live in.

3. i hate war but sometimes it is a necessary evil. no one can argue that fighting hitler was necessary. the war now, i don't know. history will be the judge of that.

4. the less government the better. i want to be in charge of my own destiny. the pa nazis require we have a car inspection every year. i don't need the state to tell me if my car is safe or not. i am an adult and can figure that out for myself, thank you. that is just a small example of how the government intrudes in our lives. take care of roads and defense. leave the small stuff for us to deal with. we are more than capable.

i am an independent but i sure sound like a republican don't i?