Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Apologies

I know you all were just so excited to read my political post tonight. However, I have a German test tomorrow morning, and I don't know how to say all of the family members yet. Therefore, my apologies. However, I will run through my predictions for our CMU football team this year.

First off you should know that our Junior Quarterback, Dan LeFevour, is on the list of Heisman hopefuls this year. This is so exciting for a MAC team. I believe the last MAC player to be considered for the award was Byron Leftwitch and Ben Rothlesberger. Also, CMU is the favorite to win the MAC Championship - which would be the third year in a row.

Now on to the expert analysis.

August 28 - Eastern Illinois
CMU already won this game. It was a pretty safe bet to say they'd win. LeFevour looked a little rusty to start out. His passes were a tad off, but that's usually what we see week one. CMU's defense looked very shaky, especially in the secondary. However, in the second half CMU dominated both sides of the ball.
W CMU 31 - Eastern Illinois 12

September 6 - #1 Georgia
Let's get this straight...CMU is good, but not ACC Champs good. Georgia's defense will keep LeFevour and the Chippewa offense in check, and exploit the defense. LeFevour will be in the national spotlight, and will show off some of his valuable tools - but he won't look spectacular.
L CMU 20 - Georgia 44

September 13 - Ohio
CMU comes out firing on all cylinders. Their offense dominates Ohio's defense. Their defense bends but doesn't break. LeFevour passes for 350+ yards.
W CMU 41 - Ohio 17

September 20 - #25 Purdue

This was a barn burner in the Motor City Bowl last year. I expect more of the same this year. This is an upset special though, LeFevour stays on a roll, along with CMU.
W CMU 34 - Purdue 31

September 27 - Buffalo

Buffalo will fall hard to the Chips when they return home. LeFevour will climb back into the Heisman Hopeful catogory. He will shred the Buffalo defense. The defense for the Chips will look impressive against Buffalo's sluggish offense.
W CMU 30 - Buffalo 7

October 11 - Temple

CMU falters this week. In front of Homecoming hopeful fans they look sluggish. Temple controls the tempo of this low-scoring affair. Upset special, not in favor of the Chippewas.
L CMU 13 - Temple 17

October 18 - Western Michigan

CMU comes out on a mission. They will not let Western beat them at home. LeFevour plays like a Heisman hopeful once again. The offense looks outstanding, reminiscent of earlier weeks. The defense looks decent, giving up a lot of yards, but not a lot of points.
W CMU 34 - Western Michigan 25

October 25 - Toledo

CMU keeps things rolling against MAC rival Toledo. LeFevour and Sneed combine to torch the defense on the road. The defense does enough to win.
W CMU 31 - Toledo 27

November 1 - Indiana

CMU looks tired in this game. Their offense doesn't get rolling, and the defense is sluggish. A moral upset for the Chippewas. A missed opportunity to beat a Big-10 team.
L CMU 20 - Indiana 31

November 12 - Northern Illinois

A great game for LeFevour and Sneed. They combine for over 450 yards of total offense. Northern Illinois fights back, tearing up the Chippewa defense. This one comes down to the final possession.
W CMU 38 - Northern Illinois 35

November 19 - Ball State

A relatively boring game here. Ball State's defense keeps LeFevour in check. CMU's defense does enough to keep Ball State's team out of the end zone for most of the game.
W CMU 17 - Ball State 10

November 28 - Eastern Michigan

An important game for CMU. The final game of the season. CMU will still need this game to get into the MAC Championship. The offense rolls, the defense looks surprisingly good. LeFevour takes big numbers into the Championship game.
W CMU 40 - Eastern Michigan 20

MAC Championship
CMU Wins for a three-peat.

Overall Record: 10-3
MAC Champions
Dan LeFevour is invited to the Heisman Trophy presentation, but comes in a distant 4th place.


Jock said...

With that many loses and being from a MAC school he won't be invited.

Peej said...

In 2002 Pittsburgh lost 4 games. Half of their schedule was made up of MAC teams. Have you ever heard of Larry Fitzgerald? Finished second in the Heisman race.

curlz said...

October 18 - Western Michigan aka Western Weekend. Cops in abundance.

Jock said...

I think they normally invite only 4 maybe 5 hiesman hopefuls. Now let's see:

Tebow - Won last year and a sure pick as long as he stays healthy

Quarterback from Missouri or McLain(?), receiver from Missouri, one of these two but not both.

Running back from Georgia Noshawn.

Pat White WVU

Linebacker from USC, might be time for a defensive player and this guy is great.

Quarterback from Notre Dame - Oops how did that get in here.

That is my list I am not sure of everyone's name but it's close.

megawatt miler said...

very funny jock