Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ok, Sarah, you win this year. I'll hand it to you, ND beat Michigan fair and square. You will never win with 6 turnovers.

However, let's look at my CMU prediction!

CMU comes out firing on all cylinders. Their offense dominates Ohio's defense. Their defense bends but doesn't break. LeFevour passes for 350+ yards.
W CMU 41 - Ohio 17

Well, the final score: CMU 31 - Ohio 28

Not quite how I expected it to turn out a couple weeks ago, but considering Ohio's near upset of OSU last week - it can be said that I may have been slightly worried about my Chips today. My prediction of LeFevour was spot on though! 361 yards for Dan the Man today with a rushing touchdown.

CMU Predictions: 3-0


Jock said...

He is out of the heisman race already. Watch Missouri play and you will see two real heisman candidates.

carriegel said...

those turnovers really hurt them. you're right, can't win playing like that.