Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That's Embarrassing...

On Monday we played Ashley. Ashley is a school with a student body of about 250. Our school has just over 300. In baseball, Ashley is miserable. Last year we beat them in 4 games at a total score of 99-1. They were all 3 inning games that were called due to the 15 run mercy rule through 3 innings. One game even rang in a score of 39-0. This year, we still handled them easily with scores of 25-5 and 15-0, but my hitless first game was nothing short of embarrassment.

The first time I came up to bat against Ashley, I was ready to drive in some runs. With the bases loaded, everything added up for me. The pitcher had walked 4 people already, so I was taking a couple pitches like a smart hitter would. I eventually came to a 2-2 count. The next pitch was a lazy fastball about belly button high that looked like it would end up on some green grass. However, it ended up in the catcher's mitt with me swinging out of my shoes.


My second at bat resulted in a walk on 5 pitches.

BB (0-1, K, BB)

Third at bat...I came up with the bases loaded once again. This time, I had another 2-2 count on me. I swung hard at the knee high fastball on the outside half of the plate and made solid contact. However, this solid contact happened to be a knee high liner that bounced right in front of the second baseman that he fielded, but made a horrible throw to second. The error scored a couple runs and left me on first.

E-4 (0-2, K, BB)

My third at bat I got into a 2-1 count and struck a middle out fastball that ended up higher in the air than I had hoped. The right fielder missed the ball, and absolutely horrible play in which I ended up on second from.

E-9 (0-3, K, BB)

My last and final at bat I had a runner on second waiting for me to drive him in. I saw the first pitch and hammered it. It was a beautiful stroke to center field, just like they teach you. Only, it was hit directly to the center fielder, who didn't even so much as make one step right, left, or back.

F-8 (0-4, K, BB)

I don't know how many RBIs I had, it doesn't really matter though considering how poor my day was offensively. We face the state final runner up for Division III tonight, Beaverton, who like us, returns nearly every starter from last year. Toeing the rubber tonight will be Joe Huss in game 1, and myself in game 2.


carriegel said...

I am waiting to hear how your game went last night.

Jock said...

Who pitched the first Ashley game?

I already know the scores of the Beaverton games because I did a lot of searching today on the Internet to find them. Where are the details? Some of us are waiting.

Peej said...

Corbin pitched the first game, Wheeler pitched the second.

Jock said...

I thought maybe Joey pitched since it has to be his turn. If he did I was going to say you guys may have problems, you will need him pitching good to make a long run in the playoffs.