Thursday, April 17, 2008


The Irish.

The Catholic school, Mount Pleasant Sacred Heart. They have been a thorn in our side every single year. Two out of three years, we only lost one game to them. However, even that single loss to them out of 4 games each season is nauseating. We started off this year in similar fashion by being handed a 5-1 loss in the opener. Joey pitched well, his throwing error in the first lead to 3 runs and probably set the tempo for the game. We hit the ball hard. We hit the ball hard, but right to people. 1-9 came up and smashed the ball, only one was a base hit. When we did get runners on, hits could not drive in the runs. The second game went much smoother at a tune of 10-2 in favor of the Comets.

My day was much better than my previous ones. I played a solid first base for 14 innings, and had a very good approach at the plate. No hits were recorded in the first game for me, but I was being aggressive and swinging at the pitches that I wanted to hit. Now, it's all about the timing and rhythm. The second game I went 2-4 with two hard hit singles.

All in all, it was a nice recovery for us. However, if you watched the Tigers early in the season, that is exactly what happened to us the first game. Our hitters weren't hitting, and it just seemed like lack of effort - even though it really wasn't. We couldn't get in sync.

Now we just need to put it all together.

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