Monday, April 21, 2008


Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

The first game tonight against Montabella was simply sloppy. Defensively we kicked the ball around, offensively we struggled through the first 4 innings. After a 6 pitch first inning for Joe Huss, he gave up a 3 run bomb to the 8th batter in their lineup. We eventually pulled out an 11-8 win though. The second game we hit the ball hard, and I was sharp on the mound. I finally pulled out a sharp curveball and used it to my advantage teemed with the elevated fastball. The result was a 5 inning - 11-0 romping.

Offenively: 2 hits

Pitching: 5 IP, 0 R, 0 BB, 5ish K


Jock said...

You should have mercied them twice. You will have bad games it is a good thing this one came against a bad team.

Hopefully Huss will get it together and pitch like he is capable of. The team would benefit with a 4th pitcher come playoff time.

Be careful and don't throw your arm out. With the amount of pitchers on that team it shouldn't be a problem. Also Mammel has a history of not letting pitchers get enough innings in to qualify for the local paper.

What weekends are your tournaments? I can't read your schedule.

carriegel said...

congratulations on your win! happy to hear you were happy with your pitching. just make districts so i can come to one of your games.

Peej said...

every team makes districts auntie :)

Peej said...

and to Dad, he's letting us get plenty of innings in as long as we're healthy. i have 13 plus the 3 that don't count against beaverton. huss has 15, king has around 15 and so does david.

Jock said...

Not every team makes districts there is that little thing called predistricts you need to win first unless you get a bye.