Friday, April 11, 2008

It's History

On Thursday we played Midland Dow, a Division 1 school compared to our Division 4 school. It was 38 degrees and freezing rain was periodically coming down. I was the starting pitcher. In the first inning, we scored a run to open the game. I gave up one hit in my side of the first and the threat was nullified as he was stranded on first. The next 5 innings went smoothly, I failed to even give up a hit. We took a 1-0 lead into the final inning, the bottom of the seventh. I got the first two outs and the game seemed to be clinched. Their big slugger came up and I went right after him. He hit the first pitch I threw right up the middle and almost took my face with it. He was held to a single. A free pass was issued to the next batter, I walked him. This was the first time a runner had reached second base the whole game. However, I buckled down and delivered a strike on the outside corner. The 0-1 pitch was a change up, and as soon as I let it go I said "oh shit." Needless to say, the pitch ended up belt high and on the inside corner, and from there ended up in left field. However, if the ball had been played correctly, a run would not have scored. Instead, the ball went underneath the glove of the left fielder. 1-1. I struck the last kid out on 3 pitches and we went back into the dugout with a tie. We came out and scored a run in the top of the 8th and had the bases loaded still. The umpire grew sick of the rain, and insisted we stop the game. Since we ended the game, it had to go back to the previous inning - resulting in a tie.

How ridiculous.

Offensively: 1-2, Walk

Pitching: 7IP, 1 Earned Run, 3 Walks, 7 Ks

If you'd like to read the write-up in the Midland Paper, here's the link. We actually received a very favorable write-up.


curlz said...

Sounds like a good game!

Jock said...

I believe that is a unearned run since he scored on an error. If the great score keeper scored it as earned I think I may argue that point with him.

Peej said...

the error was charged on the runner moving from second to third, not third to home. even though the runner clearly wouldn't have scored. i will have to ask the book keeper monday

carriegel said...

Your uncle D agrees with your dad about the unearned run.

As far as calling the game on account of rain the umpire can't win no matter what he does. When D is the umpire he is responsible for the players on the field. If one of them should get hurt and it was something he could have prevented (by calling a game because of bad weather), he is the one who is held liable. He can't win no matter what he does so he would rather have players and parents mad at him because of calling a game than mad at him because someone ended up hurt. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, we hope we get a chance to see you play in districts.

Jock said...

I would have to agree with the umpire about that call too. It is not worth getting a player hurt in bad weather especially a nonconference game.