Sunday, April 20, 2008

One for the North

On Friday we played Escanaba. They were going to be around since they were playing in the Mt. Pleasant tournament on Saturday, so they wanted a game with a decent area team. We came into the game having already played 3 games this week, so pitching was at a premium. Starting the game was Adam Wheeler. He looked good his first two innings, giving up 1 hit and no runs. In the bottom of the first Ethan Rotz laced a single to right field, followed by a sac bunt from David Novak. With a runner on second and one out, the pitcher fell behind Mike Acker and walked him. Tom Albaugh belted the first pitch he saw over the center field fence. 3-0 Coleman. In the top of the 3rd inning, as a runner was coming in from Escanaba, Corbin Killam gunned him down at the plate by about 10 feet. Waiting with the ball was Albaugh. Upon arrival, the kid from Escanaba tried to lower his shoulder and run over Tom. If anyone knows Tom, you know that he wouldn't have any of that. Not only did the kid end up on the ground, but when he got back up Albaugh shoved him back down. This caused the Escanaba coach to flip out and get up in Albaugh's face and use some 4 letter words - completely out of control for the situation. Both sides got calmed down, and both players were ejected and will sit out one more game. As the game went on, our 3-0 lead was reversed for a 4-3 Escanaba lead. We tied the game at 4 and put in Erick Geiling to pitch. The two pitchers we used were our 5 and 6 in our rotation. The game ended up 11-7 Escanaba in the bottom of the seventh. With 2 outs and the bases loaded Mike Acker flew out to Center Field to end the game.

For our best hitter being absent after the first inning, and our number 5 and 6 pitcher against their top 3 pitchers - I say we faired very well.




Jock said...

It sounds like they should have ejected the coach too.

Peej said...

they probably should have. both coaches were pricks for them. mammel even said that after the game.