Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Scoreboard, Scoreboard

Not quite the start we had expected for our team. Playing a pretty talented Clare team, we should have handled them. However, the makings of a first game of the year were definitely there. The aspects of opening day were sloppy defensive play, not throwing strikes, and not hitting in hitters' counts. The first game opened up and the initial inning went great; we got three up and three down with a strikeout defensively. The bottom of the first frame went scoreless with the bases loaded. As the game went on, we ended up 2-0 around the third inning. At this point a couple of booted balls at second base, and a lot of walks cost us 6 runs: 6-2 Pioneers. At this point, we could have called it quits; we didn't give up. A 6-2 Pioneer lead was taken into the bottom of the 6th inning. At this point, everything changed. 3 runs were scored by us Comets: 6-5 Pioneers. Erick Geiling went out for his second inning of work in the 7th and got in a bit of trouble. Two outs and the bases loaded, enter David Novak. One pitch was all David needed to silence the Clare faithful and bring us back in for our chance to tie up or win the game. Ethan Rotz lead the inning off with a 7 pitch walk. We loaded the bases and tied the game on a grounder to second base that resulted in an out at first. With runners on second and third, Joe Huss stepped in. Waiting on deck I witnessed the game winning hit that said much more to Clare than their constant banter and taunting said to us. The game was over, Coleman with the 7-6 advantage. It wasn't pretty, and it was less than impressive. However, the comeback and the willingness to stay in the game was very impressive. The season starts at 1-0.

On the day offensively:

0-3, K, 1 RBI


Jock said...

You know that idiot from Clare will be all over mlive bragging about how they should have beat Coleman. I wish you would have mercied them so he would have shut up.

carriegel said...

You have a better start than the Tigers or Pirates. Go you!