Monday, April 7, 2008

I Know the Pieces Fit

April 8, 2008 - a day that will live in infamy. April 8, 2008 is opening day for our Coleman Comets baseball team. Carrying a number 5 ranking into the season, we are poised for some great games, and hotly contested match ups. Today, I prepared. I prepared at practice with a lot of hitting, a lot of fielding, a lot of first base work, and a lot of pitching; also, I did a lot of running, two miles to be exact. After practice, however, I got ready. I sit here right now in my baseball uniform, in its entirety. Head to toe in black, blue, and white, I sit here. You see, I just got back from a larger town to the east. In this trip I got my hair cut to its intimidating length of barely stubble. Also, in this trip I purchased a pair of M-Frame sunglasses, Oakley knock-offs. And finally, I bought an ankle guard. It was made for a soccer shin guard, but I converted it to one of the foul ball guards for you lower left leg, just like the one Magglio Ordonez wears. However, the one I have doesn't protect the foot like Magglio's does.

Anyways, I figured I'd take the time to list our projected lineup. This is my guess at our lineup, it will be something very similar.

Ethan Rotz - Left Field
Will Acker - Second Base
David Novak - Shortstop
Tom Albaugh - Catcher
Joe Huss - Right Field
Adam Wheeler - Center Field
John Porter - First Base
Nate Hasenfratz - Third Base
Corbin Killam/Eric Geiling/Adam Richmond - Designated Hitter

Joey King - Pitcher

David Novak is slated to pitch game two. Myself and Joe Huss are going to be pitching against Midland Dow, and then next Tuesday against Beaverton. On Saturday, we will be in Detroit playing Royal Oak Shrine at 10 am.

Wish us luck!


megawatt miler said...

good luck!

i am very jealous-i still miss high school sports a lot. enjoy it while you can!

Jock said...

The only ranking I care about is the last one. A number 5 ranking does not guarantee wins just ask the Tigers.

The talent is there to win the state but I am afraid the season will be to easy for you and the team will not be ready once the playoffs start. If you remember jp's team slept through the regular season and was able to turn it on when it counted. I think they were lucky because not every team can do it. There were a lot of worried parents before the districts started that year.

The team needs to stay focused on the end goal. It is hard for seniors to do this because of everything else going on at the end of their high school careers.