Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shades of 1989

So, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and post a song or two from my birth year - 1989.

Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young

Epic - Faith No More

There's a funny story to go along with the video by Faith No More. If you notice, at the end, there is a goldfish that is flopping around out of water. The fish ends up dying and it turns out it was a fish belonging to one of the band members' girlfriend. She ended up suing them.


curlz said...

This has nothing to do with 1989, but I downloaded Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters the other day. I looked on your playlist today and there it was. I came acrossed this watching a parasailing video on YouTube. I think your Aunt Carrie should go parasailing w/me next week. YOLO.

Peej said...

Learn to Fly was one of my suggestions for our class song. But, we chose a different Foo Fighters song...Times Like These