Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Like my father before me, I have decided to do a song of the week courtesy of youtube.

You will know some of them, and others you won't.

You will like some of them, and you will shut some of them off.


Jock said...

I am not a fan of the organ being the main instrument in my music but it sure does fit this song.

I can't believe you would pick the Animals for your first song to post. What happened to Metallica Smashing Pumpkins and all the other head banging stuff you listen to?

Peej said...

i had an urge for this song for some reason...don't worry, now i will pick something more up-tempo for next time. thanks for the idea


Jock said...

I heard a song today (can't remember the bands name) that is more up tempo. This band is releasing an album that is entirely remakes of classic rock songs. The song I heard today, Mountain (a remake of an old Rainbow song) that was played twice a fast as the original. Sounded like the band was on helium.

JP said...

I like your first pick. I have two or three versions of it on my iPod.