Friday, March 21, 2008

Feel the Wind Pass Through My Body

Nine and a half hours later, we arrive. It's best to take this story backwards. I sit in Plymouth, WI, in this darkly light room, typing away. My stomach is full; my thoughts are plentiful. You see, nine hours in a vehicle gets you thinking. You aren't pleased with the nothingness that has happened all day, you have thoughts: many thoughts. I wrote and revised most of my graduation speech today on the not-so-scenic Michigan winter drive across the UP today. The road becomes faded; the hammer hits the stone.

Back to the beginning.

07:30 - Liftoff

After patiently sitting in my living room since 06:30, my grandparents showed up. You see, I'm a very punctual person. When someone tells me to be ready, I'm ready early. I can't sit still, I pace back and forth until they show up. It's a crazy crazy process. Are any other Porters like this?

We hit the road, with no looking back. The air temperature was 14 degrees. As the day went on, we had a good time, just like our trip to Houghton, and on the way back from Older Auntie C's and Uncle D's. It was as usual, I split time driving with Grandma, and Grandpa was disappointed with the food (even I thought the omelet was sub-par).

We got to Wisconsin in one piece. The ride was over. We went out for fish on a Friday night; the fish was delicious.

But for future reference, don't order German Potato Salad, no matter how much you like potato salad.


curlz said...

Oh, yes, punctuality is in the genes. And that's why we read because the rest of the world wasn't born with this little quirk about being ready early and then waiting so we're not late.

Enjoy your trip!

Did Papa talk you into the German potato salad. It's a favorite of his.

carriegel said...

I am always early for everything. I can't stand the thought of being late. Unfortunately, Sarah was not born with the same gene. Where, oh where, did I go wrong?

Jock said...

I am never late, hate it. But the peej I know had to be prodded to get his butt into gear so we wouldn't be late.

Did I miss something?

mickey said...

I'm always early.

I hate being late, and I hate when people are late.

Shae W said...

I think I missed out on that particular Porter gene. I like to be on time, but it's not of dire importance.

However, I am obsessive about having maps to anyplace we might possibly travel and knowing exactly where we are. I hate being lost (and now I know it's hereditary because Piglet's the same way). I think that comes from Dad, the amazing traveler that he is. *hehe*

carriegel said...

Speaking of having maps to travel. Dave's sister is like that. I remember when they were coming up to Michigan from Cincy with his other sister. One map wasn't enough. No, she had printed three maps from three different internet sources. Needless to say they got the pages mixed up and ended up getting lost. @@ Good Grief!

Jock said...

That's funny. I only use map quest. Every site you go to will give you different directions to where you want to go and is a matter of trusting the one you decide to use.

A gps comes in handy until it malfunctions and takes you in circles and you finally figure it after you are lost.