Saturday, March 1, 2008


Many people have endless details to contribute to society. The hope for tomorrow starts with the people of today. This world possesses people of strength, intelligence, stature, cruelty, malice, kindness, compassion, and any other adjective available for use. However, the beacon of tomorrow seems dim lately. The filth coming from this country in the past years leaves me with little hope.
Turn on the TV to MSNBC (sorry in advance for this Shae), and you might see Keith Olbermann spewing about the Bush Administration. Funny, this could be last night's show, tonight's show, three shows ago, or about any other time period that he has been on TV in the past 7 years. The point is: Keith Olbermann hates George W. Bush, fact or fiction? Olbermann wants America to think this so profoundly for one reason: ratings. It has become a sort of pop culture to hate the President. Approval ratings become a fix. It feeds an addiction to the press like greasy food satisfies Michael Moore.
In the past two months testimony has taken place in front of a Grand Jury about steroids in baseball. As we all know by now, Roger Clemens cheated. Roger Clemens lied to a Grand Jury. Roger Clemens is a joke. Roger Clemens can't even come up with a good argument against a credible witness. When teammate Andy Pettitte admitted to witnessing Roger Clemens takimg HGH, Clemens' best excuse was, "...Andy must have misheard." The last time I heard that excuse used was when I was tattled on for swearing in 6th grade, "...She misheard, I swear." (<---no pun intended)
Remember when Dick DeVos said, "I'm not running for governor to have the job, I'm running to do the job..." Maybe Hillary Clinton should take a page out of Mr. DeVos' text. Clinton is too power hungry. Hillary and Obama have very similar ideas, almost identical. However, the thing that's holding Hillary back is quite simple: it's her monetary policy. Not really though, that was a joke; we all know why Hillary is losing, she's a bitch. (and not a 13 or 15 inch one at that)
Maybe my standards of people are too high. Maybe there really is only one Ronald Reagan. Maybe nobody will ever again say 'tear down this wall' with the same force that the Reagan Smash once belted. Maybe lying to a Grand Jury is cool. Perhaps it is cool to hate the leader of the free world. And, of course, maybe it's cool to make documentaries about how expensive our health care system is. (maybe if we didn't have to share the burden of every chin Michael Moore gets removed, we could afford it) In the end, everything will balance out, and it will someday be 'cool' to back our leaders.


Jock said...

Maybe I should give you my soapbox. After that I am not sure I will need it.

curlz said...

You can have mine too.