Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Real List

Here it is. This is my list of top bands of all time, in order of my opinionated best.

1. Metallica

Metallica has released many albums, and are the most sold rock band of all time. Stemming from the early 80's they released Kill 'em All, originally titled "Metal Up Your Ass" - needless to say, the producers didn't approve of that title. They have released controversial albums such as ...And Justice for All, and even new albums such as St. Anger. In 2001 they released a documentary Some Kind of Monster, it was a huge success in the box office. Another of their albums was titled S&M, which was Metallica live with the San Francisco Orchestra. This album features some of their big hits, along with No Leaf Clover, recorded exclusively for S&M. That is the video I posted for Metallica, I encourage you to give it a try.

Metallica Top Songs:

-Wherever I May Roam
-Nothing Else Matters
-No Leaf Clover
-Fade to Black

2. The Who

Roger Daltry - need I say more? His lyrical geniuses, combined with one of the best voices known to man makes him a legend. His role in the rock opera Tommy, which came to live via the album Tommy, was a musical masterpiece. Combined with the lunatic drummer Keith Moon, stunning guitarist Pete Townshend, and intriguing bassist John Entwistle - Roger Daltry and The Who released album after album of musical fury. With songs ranging from love, war, hope, and prosperity - what's not to love?

Top Songs:

-Baba O'Reily (some know it as Teenage Wasteland)
-My Generation
-Won't Get Fooled Again
-Who Are You
-Behind Blue Eyes

Who could forget this moment on the Ed Sullivan Show? If you've forgotten, or haven't seen it - stay tuned for the won't be disappointed.

3. Rush

Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson - what a trio of talent. Geddy Lee not only is the lead vocalist, but he plays bass and keyboard. Alex Lifeson is an amazing lead guitarist, and don't even get me started on Neil Peart. Regarded as one of rock and roll's top drummers, if not the top drummer, Neil Peart brought creativity and great lyricism to Rush. Rush released albums such as Rush, Fly By Night, 2112, and Hemispheres. Rush brought a great blend of the high pitched voice, keyboard, impressive guitar, outstanding drums, and killer bass. Rush is one of the most overlooked bands of all time.

Top Songs:

-Tom Sawyer
-Working Man

4. The Smashing Pumpkins

In The Smashing Pumpkins, there is only one band member that sticks out - the white pale bald guy...Billy Corgan. Billy Corgan has one of the most unique voices to ever hit the rock scene - not to mention the most unique lyrics. With albums ranging from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, to Rotten Apples, to Zeitgeist, the music is electric. Every song from every album is a blissful tune to my ear. A hard rock sound in some songs, an easy going sound in others. The Smashing Pumpkins have it all - even a woman guitarist.

Top Songs:

-Tonight, Tonight
-Bullet With Butterfly Wings

5. Tool

Regarded as more of a grunge rock band, Tool brings to life a dark set of lyrics. Maynard James Keenan writes with a sense of dark and twisted demise. The music itself is rich with bass guitar, and has an unmistakable sound to it. Songs range in topic from death, to depression, to politics, to what's wrong with the world.

Top Songs:

-Prison Sex

6. Rage Against the Machine

I had to do it. I had to show my inner rebel. Communists, rebel scum, outcasts, heathens, the Hammer and Sickle warrior elite. Only, they were armed with sound. Rage Against the Machine was one of the most outspoken bands of the 1990's. Their voices were heard not only on Wall Street, but in every house with a radio tuned to a modern rock station. The unique rap/rock sound of the 90's was just what they needed to spread their communist message. With albums ranging from Renegades to Battle of Los Angeles, Rage Against the Machine combined lyrical spunk from Zach De La Rocha, with a revolutionary guitar player, AND HARVARD GRADUATE (Political Science), Tom Morello.

Top Songs:

-Guerrilla Radio
-Bulls on Parade
-Sleep Now in the Fire


Shae W said...

I love Metallica, and I have to admit that it was my father who introduced me to their music. I'm not a huge fan of their new stuff (it kind of all started to sound the same), but their old stuff is just brilliant.

Peej said...

I agree, St. Anger isn't good at all. However, if you consider Reload to be 'new', it has some good tunes on it. Songs like Unforgiven II, The Memory Remains, Fuel, stuff like that.

But yeah, their old stuff is the best by far.

Jock said...

Some interesting music here. I am not to sure about those last two bands however I think I might have to check out the Smashing Pumpkins. I had heard some of first songs they came out with and always thought they might have potential.

By the way The Who was on the Smothers Brothers show not Ed Sullivan. That is Tommy Smothers that comes out on stage with them.

Peej said...

Hmmmm...I thought it was Ed Sullivan. Shows you what era I grew up in.

carriegel said...

I watched it too and was thinking that was one of the Smothers Brothers.

As I was watching it I kept thinking the music was so strange, didn't sound like The Who at all. Then I realized your little music player was playing and that was what I was hearing. My faith in The Who was restored.

I remember when Tommy came out. I thought it was amazing. I should put that in my ipod.

Jock said...

Anybody remember who played the pinball wizard in Tommy? Pj and peej can't answer this.

Peej said...

hahaha i definitely know that. JP will know it too though. Here's a better question - who played the preacher...and who did the preacher use a statue of saying, "she's got the power to heal you, never fear."