Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's Compare

Now, remember way back when when I got on my soapbox and complained about almost anything and everything to do with politics?

As we get closer to election time, I think it needs to be very clearly acknowledged that you cannot listen to most of the media out there. Journalists are gold diggers. Every journalist is out there looking for the big story to set their career off. Let's compare two interviews with Barack Obama, for instance. Charles Gibson is a humble man that appears to be doing his job for the right reasons. Keith Olbermann, however, has one goal. His goal is to tell everyone who will listen just how dumb Conservatives are.

Watch as he tosses up question after question for Barack Obama to just absolutely nail. There is no contest by Olbermann. I wonder who he's voting for this fall...hmmm.

--Also, as a side note - notice that Obama said right at the beginning that he knows that 20,000 extra troops wouldn't reduce sectarian violence in that the surge has been proven to have worked in Iraq, maybe he's changing his story.

Now, take a look at Charles Gibson drilling Obama with tough questions. Keep in mind, Gibson has taken a lot of heat from ABC for giving Obama such a hard time.

Would they say the same if he was drilling John McCain?

You bet your bottom they wouldn't.

Just something to think about.


Jock said...

I have told you over and over do not trust any so called news organization the the last three letters of either NBC or CBS. ABC isn't much better and neither is CNN (Clinton News Network). Regardless of what anybody says if you want the fairest news reporting on TV tune into Fox News.

curlz said...

I hate election time. You can't trust anything you read or hear. I got an e-mail a week or so ago picking apart a certain candidate and pointing out all the lies he's spoken in the past year or so. Ticked me off that someone would forward that on not knowing the what was truth or what was a lie.

curlz said...

And no, I wasn't necessarily in support of this person either.

Someone else may now have the soap box.

carriegel said...

i hate election years. it's all doom and gloom. i avoid the news if at all possible.

Jock said...

Everybody needs to read Bernard Goldberg's book Biased. If you weren't skeptical of the new media before reading it you will be after.

Goldberg is an ex CBS news reporter that got fired after he wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal (I think it was the Journal) that exposed how reporters distort the news, especially CBS. I guess as a reporter it is alright to be critical of anybody and anything as long it isn't in your own profession.