Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can ANYbody?

So as I sat in Burger King watching the Olympics, I thought of a clever blog topic. I was watching Roger Federer play tennis against someone and wondered to myself - can anybody effectively return a Roger Federer serve?

Can anybody sing like Axl Rose from Guns 'n' Roses?

Can any white male jump like Sam McGuffie of U of M?

Can anybody throw a fastball like Joel Zumaya? (keep your eyes on the radar gun)

Can anybody lie like Slick Willy?

Can anybody beg for change like this man?

Can anybody smile and laugh as awkwardly as this man?

And finally...
Can anybody stammer and mess up as much as this man?


Shae W said...

Have you seen the photos of Bush at the Olympics holding our flag BACKWARDS?? Talk about awkward.

carriegel said...

that is very, very funny. thanks for the smile.

Jock said...

I'm not a big Bush fan but I do like his ability to laugh at himself.

I see Joe Lieberman is campaigning with McCain now. Now tell me did McCain turn left a go to Lieberman's house or did Lieberman turn right and go to McCain's house? Either way it scares me.