Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Idea, Sort of...

So I had this new idea for my music. However, this new idea is already used by my "Older than Dirt" Aunt, along with my Dad. I'm going to post a different song in my player every week, or two days, or two hours...etc. Basically, whenever I'm feeling a certain song, you're gonna hear it. (or shut it off mid-song)

Tonight's song is A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth.

Historically a 90's Metal band, Megadeth was on the front page of many magazines along with their much more sold counterparts Metallica. Megadeth blazed through the 90s with a unique voice, and a heavy metal influence. With hit songs such as Sweating Bullets - a tantric melody of a man who sits in jail talking to himself about all the wrongs of his life and how "hindsight is always 20/20, Symphony Of Destruction (which we sang at prom), and now A Tout Le Monde.

A Tout Le Monde is a song about a man who is at the end of his days. A Tout Le Monde is french for Set Me Free, which is also echoed throughout the song.

It's just a great song to listen to.

Give it a try!

Attention: Pause your music players now! I just realized this isn't the studio it's pretty rough. The studio version is much better. Click on the link below and then on "A Tout Le Monde" in the music player to give it a spin.


Jock said...

What link?

Homeruns, grandslam, and throwing behind batters, it was a great day. More later when the pics are ready to post.

Peej said...

sorry, i just put it in actually have to copy and paste it into your URL box though...

carriegel said...

i like it, i think i may have to download it.