Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I know, long time no blog, right? Well, to be quite frank - I've been busy. Lately I've been working 8 hour days 4 days a week, and then I've been devoting 12-14 hours each Friday, Saturday, Sunday to watching baseball and softball. And while I've been having a lot of fun and earning a lot of money, it's left me out on the blogging world for the most part. I'm proud to say that I picked up a side job staining everyone's favorite teacher's house, Mrs. Walton's. I'm also proud to say that because of it I put in my first 14 hour work day today.

So please excuse me while I pass out until 7am when I will get up and do it again :D


JP said...

"8 hour days 4 days a week" made me laugh.

Jock said...

And you are?????? Not sure I have met you.

Peej said...

uhh why does that make you laugh?

carriegel said...

waaahhhh! :'-(

i'm not completely heartless, it does sound you have been working a lot. we've missed you.