Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Tribute

Yes, today is Father's Day. This for all the fathers out there.

To every father who has ever said, "Because I said so"

To every father who has defied the laws of physics without breaking a sweat...

To my number one baseball fan throughout the years, and my number one critique.

To the father who answered my hundreds of questions per day that I would ramble off.

To the man who taught me to throw a ball, and tie a tie.

To the father who pushed me down a hill on my bike because training wheels "just aren't supposed to be on the rail trail"...

To the father that kept me out of trouble by not letting me watch Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

To the man who told me how life was going to be, and if I didn't like something about it.

To the one who took me to practice and games, not to mention helped coach.

To the father who helped me out of the Arlington Cemetery, with limited mockery I must add.

To the man that has always stressed the importance of education.

To the father that took me to the UP hundreds of times.

Thank you for being my father, and a good one at that.


carriegel said...

another good father's day post. you and mickey have done your fathers proud today.

Jock said...

Thank you and I really appreciate it.

I never got tired of the questions and tried to answer each and everyone.

Believe me the baseball games and practice was my pleasure. If I criticized your baseball it was only to make you better.

Just remember, even though I don't always agree with it, an education is the quickest way to get ahead in life.

I always enjoyed our trips to the UP and always took you with me when ever I could. I wouldn't have done it any other way.