Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh, Canada

If you weren't yet aware, I am in Canada with the Grandparents. After traveling 17 hours, we reached our destination here in Perch Lake. This morning is beautiful, blue skies and 20 degrees (yes, celcius). With little time to spare, I had already ran into a beautiful childhood memory.

Does anyone remember little bunny foo foo?



Shae W said...

Oh, my goodness. Before I read the "does anybody remember little bunny foo foo?" caption, I saw that rock and said, "Geez, that looks like..." and about that time I read the caption.

Too funny. Does anybody have that taped??

carriegel said...

hey, you will be blogging while you are away1 YEAH!

curlz said...

Double the yeah, J! I warned Oldest Auntie C it could be a couple of weeks before we heard from you again. Nice surprise.

Jock said...

Who's computer did you use?

And since you have a computer and camera I want to see some proof of these so called fish you caught.