Monday, February 9, 2009

Holier Than Thou

"Before you judge me take a look at you
Can't you find something better to do
Point the finger, slow to understand
Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand."

Last weekend I went out in search of a place to worship. Many Americans use churches not only as a conduit between themselves and their deity, but as a place of reason, moral truth, and socialization. A church is a safe-haven that provides stability and familiarity with one's life. My first option was a Christ the King Lutheran Chapel. Upon first glance it looks like a traditional conservative based Lutheran chapel. Truer words were never spoken. It was the epitome of tradition. This scared me off a tad - due to my moderate tendencies when it comes to religion in general. The service was long and monotonous. It seemed like something out of an old movie. It was an OK experience, other than the crying baby section that I was apparently in. (Which is funny since I'm complaining about the church, maybe I did belong there.)

I will probably not be going back to the Lutheran church soon - but it does not mean it will not be the one I settle on.

Next up, St. Mary's Catholic Parish.


curlz said...

In our church, the folks with little ones are in the back -- in case they make a disturbance so LOUD they must be removed. I only had to separate Marv and Matt once. So far ...

carriegel said...

when i read the song lyrics i thought you were referring to obama and his speech last night. i was wrong. well, maybe about who you were referring to, the reference to obama may still be valid.

you will probably find the st marys much like the lutheran church. it will probably seem long and monotonous because it is very structured and unfamiliar. hopefully they have a priest who knows how to give a good homily. it is a roll of the dice when it comes to that.

Shae W said...

I've heard good things about St. Mary's.

His House is amazing if you're okay with a non-denominational service (but they do communion every Sunday if that's important to you). Scott and I went there for awhile. Definitely geared toward a modernized worship service, and the sermons are meant for college-age students.