Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Is anyone else sick of all these Obama cabinet choices not paying their taxes? What happened to the 'different kind of politics' and 'ethics reform' he based his campaign on. This is hardly the 'change we need'. Sorry, that sort of stuff is for my other blog - but I'm just irritated as hell with President Obama. But I digress.

Lately I've been really busy, which is why I haven't updated much. I've read all of your blogs, though. I've also fallen in love with Twitter - it's such a fast way to update people on different things. I'm doing pretty well in school. I've gotten 100% on my first three quizzes of the semester (MTH 105, Micro, and World Politics). I'm on my way to my first test right now for Macroeconomics. So I have to get going, I'll try to update you all on my Church experience soon!

I had to share this with everyone, especially Sarah. I tend to get on Wikipedia when I'm bored and read about things, and I found this about Charlie Weis - it cracked me up!

"Because of Weis's morbid obesity and the history of heart disease in his family, it is only twice as likely that he will be fired before dying, according to Las Vegas oddsmakers."


megawatt miler said...

oh no-im not sure hw i feel about that!

carriegel said...

i just heard this on hannity, "the reason the democrats don't mind raising taxes is because they don't pay taxes". sad, but true.

woo hoo on school. good work.