Thursday, January 8, 2009

Semester Schedule

This is my schedule for this semester, I'm excited! I'm trying to get into a Math 105 class as well, leaving me at 18 credits!

BUS 100
Essential Business Skills | Monday, Wednesday 5:00P - 6:15P | Kayla M Slezak

ECO 201
Principles of Macroeconomics | Tuesday, Thursday 2:00P - 3:15P | Tao Peng

ECO 202
Principles of Microeconomics | Tuesday, Thursday 11:00A - 12:15P | Gregory A Falls

PSC 150
World Politics | Monday, Wednesday 3:30P - 4:45P | David Jesuit

PSC 151
The U.S. & The World | Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00P-12:50P | David Jesuit


Jock said...

Why would you take micro and macro economics in the same semester? Talk about boring....snnnzzzzz.

Peej said...

When I'm out there figuring out the cure to this economic mess, you'll be sorry!

curlz said...

I did micro and macro back to back. No big deal. Of course, my macro was a weekend class with a HUGE paper due the following week. Some day I shall blog about my Northwood year (note, I didn't say years). I expect kids to whine, not adults!

megawatt miler said...

dont you need some science in there?

carriegel said...

i agree. economics, yuck. science is where it is at.

mickey said...

Science. Bleh.


Arts, arts, arts.

Peej said...

Sarah - I love science, just picking classes right now that I think will transfer to SVSU.

Aunt C - ECO is my major! And see above about science.

Michael - I hated my art class and will never take one again.

carriegel said...

i know eco is your major. just giving you a hard time. someone has to study economics, i'm just glad it isn't me.