Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shake It Up

Before my ranting and raving, in case any of you have forgotten what your dearest John looks like, here's my latest mug shot.

What's in a name? Well, let's break down my name. My first name came from my Grandfather on my Mother's side. The name John is a strong name, common, and traditional. It has the makings of some of the greatest first names in history. There are many Johns who changed the world, such as John Adams, John Smith, and even Johnny Appleseed. Next, my middle name. It starts with an E, and no it's not Edison as many and many and many and many times I've heard people say. My middle name is a rarity, owned before me by my Grandfather, it's also his middle name. Ring any bells yet? Yes, it's Edson. Let's break down this name. The letter 'e' is the most commonly used letter in the English language. I don't know about all of you, but I don't know of anyone with the name Edson, other than my late relation named Edson. (A Great Uncle, or Great Great Uncle?) Anyways, the important part is it is characterized, it's individual. Now to the last name, which alot of you share with me (either now, or formerly). It is a great last name. How can you not like a last name that is also a type of beer? And no, Stout, Lager, and Cerveza is not your former last name. I'm talking about Porter. It's a great name owned by a couple pro athletes (Jerry Porter, Joey Porter), and it's very distinguished. Although not completely uncommon, it's not as common as one would think.

Where is all of this coming from? Well, to be honest, I'm not really sure. All I know is I am looking for my identity. What do I have to offer this world that can change something and/or someone? I look around in my own little family, my own little niche and I see a successful metallurgical engineer high up in a company, someone working their way up the McDonald's chain (no, I'm not talking about Ray), a teacher in love with her students, a megawatt miler, a Grand Valley student, a Mechanical Engineer and project manager, a devoted gardener/baker/photographer/18 year stay at home mother, a marketing something or other at Renosol, and a title that I can never remember at Dow (sorry Auntie C =] ). All of these are honorable positions and career focuses. Lately I've looked around at my family and realized that I have a lot to live up to. The common trait here is that everyone is hard willed and determined to get what he or she desires in this life. We have devoted Catholics, hard working studiers, and excellent number crunchers.

Now you're all probably wondering what I plan on doing to keep on this tradition. As the former baby of the family, I was the last in line. Now that I have bestowed that on someone else, I still have a lot of eyes on me. The most remembered sports heroes are those who perform in the clutch when it mattered most. Now that it is proverbial "crunch time" in my life, what is it that I shall do with it?

First off, I will go to college, Central Michigan University to be exact. I will major in Political Science, perhaps the International Relations branch. Also, I am currently planning on minoring in German. With my minor in German, I hope to one day work for the United Nations in Germany for a few years. Bill Caul talked to me about this, and said it would be a fantastic idea. After all, why not enjoy life while it's here? I'm not talking about packing up and living on nickels and dimes. I'm talking about having a job in a different country, while I'm still young and able. After that, I would come back to the states and continue with a career on the shores of the good old U.S. of A. This might seem like a spur of the moment plan, but in reality, I've been planning it for a while. Hopefully my dreams can translate into a life half as successful as most of yours.


curlz said...

Love your post! And will try to explain in my own post what I do. All I can say is -- I LOVE MY JOB! A week doesn't go by that I don't share that sentiment with someone.

carriegel said...

success isn't measured by what a man does but by who he is. by that definition, i would say you are on your way to being a very successful man.

mickey said...


Lately I've been thinking of a short-term career in Europe myself.

Either Spain or France.

Since my majors are spanish and french.

Shae W said...

German, huh? Very cool. Did you know that Scott actually speaks it fluently?

I've been thinking about Europe, as well. I'm hoping we'll end up there for awhile at some point, just to be able to experience a different culture and see the world.

Shae W said...

Scott told me to tell you that if you plan on minoring in German he'd like to help you out. He's in pretty good with most of the professors (since he's been taking German here for 5.5 years) and he said he'd like to introduce you to some of them or at least send a good word their way for you.

Peej said...

That would definitely be something I'd appreciate. P.S. I'm living in Kesseler

Shae W said...

Whoa, buddy. Living in the Towers, huh? Haha, it should be interesting.

Scott said he'd like to chat with you about the German stuff at your open house. He can give you some good info about professors and classes.