Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My accomplishment on a rainy day...

Other than helping to bring in the new inductees and officers for the National Honor Society today, I actually produced some results in organization. I have had a small gun collection for a while now, and today I finally got them put away in some sort of locked container. I purchased a small safe for my collection a couple weeks back and I finally got them babies stored away. Two of them were passed on to me from the Grandfather, and two of them are my Father's that I have so welcomely volunteered to hold onto for my hunting desires.

I realize that the picture is very amateur, but you have to understand the horrible lighting in the house I live in. That is why I retouched it and added the old photograph feel to it. I also haven't worked out all the kinks in my photo editing software, thus the white space around the outside :(



Jock said...

Nice and sunny here today, a bit windy though.

At least you can take pictures with your camera, mine will only take crappy ones right now. I think I may go buy a new memory card and see if it helps.

carriegel said...

good solution for awful lighting. and on the plus side it works for this picture!