Wednesday, December 10, 2008

U.S. House Passes Auto Bail-Out

Michigan Republicans Roll-Call:

Camp - Yes
Ehlers - Yes
Hoekstra - Yes
Knollenberg - Yes
McCotter - Yes
Miller - Yes
Rogers - Yes
Upton - Yes
Walbert - Obstain

And, to think, you call yourselves REPUBLICANS?

Get out the shovel, why everything you know is wrong.


carriegel said...

i still don't think we should bail them out but i am disgusted the way detroit has been hung out to dry by those in washington.

Jock said...

If they didn't vote for the bailout they would have committed political suicide in the state of Michigan. I wonder if this industry was in another state how would they have voted then? I think you need to stick to your principles and vote for what you believe in regardless of where it is at. In other words congressmen and women get some balls.

mickey said...

Unfortunately the nature of what politics has become isn't to do what you believe in.

It's to do what will you keep you in office, and in turn, employed.

Peej said...

Ahhhh, very true Michael. Very true indeed.

Jock said...

Couldn't agree more and that's what is wrong with politicians today.

megawatt miler said...

i generally like upton, i was surprised to hear the results on the radio

Jock said...

The real republicans stuck to their guns and shot down the bailout bill. Congratulations.

But have no fear auto companies President Bush, the closet democrat, is giving you some of the Tarp money.

By the way check out the stock market today. After everyone was saying the market would crash without a bailout for the auto industry it was actually up today a little bit. Just goes to show you the people really don't care about the auto industry.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the auto bailout portion of the bill was added on after the House voted on it. The House passed it 393-30. For a bill that only passed in the Senate 52-35, that passed the House way to easily. Also, if you look at who supported the bill, you'll see that Ron Paul voted for it. That would lead me to believe that it didn't originally contain the auto bailout bill.

I looked at the amendments that were proposed and it appears that an amendment added the bailout section.